He Guides The Way

The focus of our prayers (and conversations) today is centered on the blog. God spoke to our hearts many times in many ways.

I overslept this morning. I had a doctor appointment in the early afternoon but wasn’t worried about sleeping in late because I’d never sleep that late, right?


It was after 1 when I woke with a start and nearly panicked. A second glance at my appointment card told me I had just enough time to get ready and go.

Normally that would be true, but today I encountered a train and major construction delays. Still, I was only a couple minutes late. All the handicapable parking was taken so I had to go to the regular parking lot.

Inside I discovered they were starting a new computer system and needed to double check all our information (which wasn’t correct and the computer system didn’t want to take the correct information).

The delays affected the doctor’s ability to keep on schedule with patients, so I had an extended delay in the waiting area. When the doctor wrote my new prescriptions, the new computer system automatically sent the prescription that could be transferred over the phone to my pharmacy and gave the doctor printouts for the prescriptions that had to have a paper trail.

Well, that’s how it was supposed to work but the automatically sent prescription went to the wrong pharmacy so my pharmacy had to chase it down for me and then have the other pharmacy unfill the prescription they had received wrongly before my pharmacy could refill it – more delays. I finally had to abandon the planned activities for the rest of the day.

All this could easily have combined to make a very frustrating, negative day, but there were blessings that came my way, partly because of the delays.

“Revive Our Hearts” with Nancy Leigh DeMoss was on the radio station I listen to in the car, and their guest speaker today really spoke to my heart. One of the things she said made me realize that all of me belongs to God, and that He is in charge of what I write on the blog. This blog is really His blog for the purpose of telling the story of how He has acted in our life and continues to act in it. I have been very focused on details that are all under His control. If I am careful to listen for Him and to Him, He will guide me through all that lies ahead.

Later I listened to Ravi Zacharias – “Just Thinking”,  and I was reminded that I was created for a purpose – all of the many of me was created by God for God. Knowing that fact makes life’s challenges a blessing and an adventure I can safely embark on moment to moment because He promises that He will work all things for my good. (Romans 8:28 American Standard Version)

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