The following is a list of some of the personalities of Abigail. It is not intended to be a complete list, but as an aide to the understanding of Abigail, her different systems, and how they relate to one another:

Abigail is the birth personality. This is not her birth name, but it is the name she goes by when she wants or needs to be identified separate from the other personalities.

Beth is the head personality for a large group of personalities. Beth’s system of personalities functions very much like a corporation, with personalities who oversee the organization and functioning of different departments, personalities under them who supervise the carrying out of the department heads, and personalities who respond directly to and report directly to supervisors. When major decisions need to be made that will impact the functioning of the whole system, Beth will consult with her department heads and make the decision. Departments include internal affairs, external family affairs, other external relationships, creative expressions, household affairs, health and wellness, and cognitive functioning.

PLEX is another large cell group that functions in a very different way. Different personalities may have different roles in the way life is coped with, but each member of the PLEX cell group has an equal say in the decisions that need to be made to determine how we will function and how we will respond to a particular issue that comes up. For example, lets say one of the external children is having a hard time in a class they have at school. Everyone in the PLEX can offer an opinion or express a perspective that they may have concerning how we are going to handle the situation with this child and/or the school. A vote is called for and the majority wins. At that point everyone in the PLEX becomes fully supportive of the decision of the majority. PLEX is the mother of all of the external children, and PLEX was the personality who first got us into mental health treatment. Read Plex’s introduction.

Redeemed – A unique personality with a group of personalities. Redeemed has a self concept that incorporates many individual identities of different ages and characteristics, but who all share a common sense of self. When Redeemed want to speak for all the personalities who identify themselves as Redeemed, she refers to herself as “the we of me”. Redeemed experienced her first extended period of time being out from December 2010 until May 2011, and is primarily responsible for many recent advances in getting this blog started.

Aner is an adult male personality with a dynamic conversion story. Although he was our primary persecutor alter for many years, after his conversion he became our primary protector. For the purposes of the blog he will represent the adult men, but it isn’t likely there will be many if any posts from the men in me. They are all about getting the job done and not too interested in being heard on the blog.

Jennifer is a 17-year-old adventurous personality from the PLEX (housed in the Dwelling). She has overcome severe self-harm addictions including eating disorders and smoking cigarettes. Her primary internal companion is Rita.

Rita is an impulsive 12-year-old from the Dwelling who is notorious for making mischief. *Together with Jennifer* they will represent the many teenagers from all the cell groups/ internal structures except the teens who are parts of Redeemed.

Just Me used to be a group of children ranging in age from 4-7 who experienced a gradual natural integration. At times she acts as spokes person for younger ones. She will represent all the young children on the blog

Mommy girl is an infant/toddler who will sometimes speak out through Abigail’s mouth when Abigail isn’t guarded against it. There will likely be little or no posts on behalf of the infants and toddlers other than Gretchen’s, but Mommy Girl is a significant personality who’s presence is felt by everyone.

Gretchen I am one of earliest personality to be created, and I am about 20 years older than body. When people how can this be true, I explain that theory is when body was infant there was need for adult to always be available to nurture and protect, who would never leave baby. Read my complete introduction


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